Saturday, March 17, 2012

More Donations and Updates

Definitely paid it forward today, when I visited the Crowfoot Safeway. Safeway, in conjunction with CTV Calgary, was holding a food drive called "Friends Helping Friends", with all donations going to the Calgary Food Bank. I went through my stockpile and filled box after box of food items: juice boxes, pasta, canned beans and tomatoes, juice jugs, peanut butter, jam, and more... Ended up overflowing a shopping cart with product that had a retail value of over $650. I felt amazing! I figure if I have gotten the product for free or close to free, and have extra, why not?!

Did some research on their website as well. Besides food donations, they are looking for Birthday Kits and other Fun Donations, to help out with the families that come through. Please take a look at these---it's a really neat way to donate something special! As well, their website lists items that they take, including hygiene products, diapers, etc., as well as drop off locations.

So, try to pay it forward. Even if it's dropping a can of soup off in a food bank bin once a week...

Until next time, happy clipping! There will be another giveaway coming soon, along with big news! Keep your eyes peeled!

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Anonymous said...

I do birthday kits to the food bank each year on my daughters birthday - cake, icing, napkins, candles and something fun from the doller store like bubbles or something.