Friday, April 6, 2012

Deals & Steals--How I saved $280 on bedding...

Have been doing a few shopping trips this past week, trying to work out my grocery budget and replenish stock. I am always on the hunt for insane bargains--with or without coupons.

Superstore is usually my go-to for clearance items, as you know from a trip I did last year. I went there with a list, a few coupons, and was planning on getting in and out fairly quickly. Did a wander, and found an amazing deal!
I bought 4 of these queen sized bedding sets. The staff member working in that section advised me that they are a final sale, as some of them are incomplete. Didn't put me off, as I wanted them for the duvets. The sets were all complete, which included a queen sized duvet, 2 pillow shams, a bed skirt, and 3 throw pillows. Regular price for each set? $80. I paid? $7.94. Making that $320 worth of bedding for a mere $31.76!!! Over 90% savings!

Safeway Trip #1
I tend to find some great deals at Safeway. Whether it be with coupons, or sales, or clearance, there is always something. On this trip, I spent $56.03, but saved $66.67! A 55% savings! The trip included:
-Hormel Bacon Bits $3.98 (Sale ) -$0.50 Tearpad = $3.48
-Nesquik Syrup $6.79 -$1 Printable WUB 4L milk =$5.79
-11x Baby Food $9.79
-5lb Robin Hood Flour $4.99 (sale price)-$1 tearpad =$3.99
-4x Kraft Dressing $14.64 -- BOGO sale =$7.32
-2x Red Rose Tea 144pk $9.98 (sale) - BOGO websaver coupon= $4.99 (Awesome deal!!!)
-2x Sunny Delight $9.16  - FPCx2 =FREE!! (Paid deposits)
-4x Cheecha Snacks $10.00 total (sale)-FPCx4=$FREE
-6x Energy Drinks $19.74 -B2G1 free sale =$13.16
-Minigo Yogurt $3.36 (sale) - $0.50 mailout coupon=$2.86 + $0.75 coupon for next time!
-4L 2% milk $4.69 (helped save $1 off Nesquik)
-Softsoap Body Wash $3.99 (sale) - $1 magazine coupon =$2.99

Safeway Trip #2--clearance!!!

-4x Huggies $64.00 (sale price) -50% clearance stickers =$32.00
-Huge Stuffed Pork Roast $22.00 - 50% clearance sticker =$11.00
Total paid: $44.55 Total saved: $60.60 with club card and clearance! 59% savings!

And the pull ups are only used on an as needed basis, so they will last quite awhile. The hubby was super excited about the roast---the thing is huge! Definitely a treat for us!

So, this week has been great! I saved about $480 total, and got some much needed items off of my grocery list. And kept my money where it belongs--in my pocket!

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Jolene said...

Wow, reminds me of a while back when we lived in Texas. I was a pretty good "coupon queen", of course down there is the luxury of an abundance of coupons plus double and even triple coupon days. My husband even got in on the high achieved from watching a $400+ grocery bill drop to $40 after the coupons were scanned.

I found your blog via tweet from BT, I don't watch(hubby works nights, we head to bed around the time they are starting) but I follow them on Twitter.

There's no coupons we get here that would work for me because of how we eat. But I would love to hear your tips for the best deals in Calgary on produce, dairy and fresh meat as those are about all our shopping consists of, we don't eat really anything much that's processed(which the few coupons I do come across always seem to be for). Maybe you have figured out something in regards to shopping for those things that I haven't. I get my best deal on meat ordering through hubby's work, he works for a company that supplies restaurants. But even through them it's pretty expensive(though better than what I've found in Calgary grocery stores). Unfortunately dairy and produce through is work is even more expensive than Walmart or Superstore.

I have 12 and 14 year old boys that don't have an off switch when it comes to appetite. Between their appetite, the cost of groceries here and the kinds of foods we eat, my once $300 to $400 a month for groceries has doubled(or even more some months) and as a single income family I can't afford to keep spending that much on groceries.

I'm great at getting deals on most other things, I'm a real cheapskate and won't pay full price for anything if I can help it and usually have pretty good luck finding good deals. But when it comes to the grocery bill I struggle to find deals on the things that we eat. I work my menu around what's on sale, but boy do I ever need some miracle to find a way to get even better deals lol. I would gladly buy a whole cow or pig if it meant getting a great deal, but so far I have not been able to figure out how to go about that as the options I've come across have not been that great of a deal.

Anonymous said...

$10 for baby food? Ever tried to make your own?

Nesquik syrup? Wow.

Seems like the junk deals you get are the same sort of processed crap you see on Extreme Couponing.

Save money by eating real, healthy food.

Melissa said...

To Anonymous:

Thanks for the opinion. Great. My son is autistic and has a hyper-sensitive gag reflex, and has eating issues. Pureed food is all he can handle---and only certain types agree with him. Please keep your comments to yourself, unless you know the situation.

P.S. The chocolate syrup was being picked up for a friend. Also, do your research first. Your post will be deleted tomorrow. Thanks!

Jolene said...

Anonymous: As someone who eats real, healthy food, you are completely wrong to say "Save money by eating real, healthy food", that is NOT saving money. Our grocery bill doubled when we cut out processed/sugary foods...yes, DOUBLED. Eating healthy is obviously better for you, but NOT cheaper. Also as someone who has spent most of their adult life having to count every penny....not everyone can afford to eat healthy. Regardless of what costs more, this blogger is a grown woman and perfectly capable of making her own decisions as to what she will feed her family.