Saturday, June 11, 2011

Latest Haul... and other news...

I haven't been neglecting my faithful readers/couponers/fans, I swear. But, I've found something else... I know, it's horrible. I've been hiding out because of it... Gardening season!!! Have been working my ass off working on both my front and back yard. I re-seed my lawn every year, sometimes 2-3 times, as we have alot of clay and tree roots that love to kill my grass. Also, got all of our pepper plants, tomato plants, corn, broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, onion, and sunflowers going in the back, then re-did the front with a new flower garden. So, enough said, I've been busy. Also, Liam has been a bit off lately, so, it's been fun.

I want to say that the last few coupon classes have been fantastic! Thank you to all that have attended--it's been great getting to know all of you! Am looking at booking some more dates, and also start a new class: "Grocery Shopping 101". It will include how to find the best deals, great places to shop for deals, and how to cut your grocery bill by half!!!! Please let me know if you are interested, it is in the works. Am also looking at doing "shopping trip assistance", as some of you are a bit nervous when starting out. So, shoot me some feedback!

Went to Wal-Mart today. Was really excited, had it all planned out, but seriously, the manager there needs to chill out!! She was denying the Nexxus coupons, as I should have "common sense" and not use them on trial size. Well, hate to inform her, but, the coupon says nothing that restricts trial size. She then went on to say, "but the picture on the coupon shows full size product--you should know better". What a b%$@h... Anyways, the picture says alot.... Total Bill $142.75.    Paid: $39.27  Saved: $103.48
1X Triscuit, 1X Golden Oreo, 2X MiniGo, 14X Nexxus, 12X Aquafina Plus Water, 12X Gillette, 1X 4L Milk, 1X Chapmans Frozen Yogurt Bars, 2X BBQ Sauce, 2X Sunlight Soap, 5X Listerine, 2X Cottonelle wipes, 1X Glucerna
The Breakdown:
 Triscuit Crackers                $1.97  Free product coupon                       FREE
Golden Oreo's                     $1.97 -$0.75 coupon                                 Paid-$1.22
2x Mini-go's @$2.50 each=$5.00 -2x $1 coupons                                Paid $3.00 (for 2)
9x Nexxus Conditioner@$3 each=$27 -9x$3 coupons                          FREE
5x Nexxus Shampoo@$2 each=$10 -5x$3 coupons                             Made $5
12x Aquafina Water@$1 each=$12-4x B2G1Free coupons                  Paid $8 (plus $1.20 deposit)
12x Gillette Shave Foam@$1.27 each=$15.24 -4x$5WUB3 coupons   Made $4.76
4L Milk                                                                                                 Paid $4.68
Chapmans Yogurt Bars       $5.67 -$5coupon                                        Paid $0.67
2x BBQ Sauce@$2 each=$4.00 -2x$2 coupons                                   FREE
2x Sunlight Soap@$1.48each=$2.96 -2x$0.50 coupons                        Paid $1.96 (for 2)
5x Listerine@$5.79each=$28.95 -5x$3coupons                                    Paid $13.95(for 5)/$2.79 each
--The Listerine was a little more than other stores, but it had a free bottle of Aveeno on each bottle that retails for $5 each, AND a $3WUB2 Aveeno coupon that can be stacked at London Drugs for almost free Aveeno! Score!
2x Cottonelle@$3.88each=$7.76-Free product coupons                        FREE
6pk Glucerna@$7.97-$3 coupon                                                           Paid $4.97\

So all in all, a great haul! My 2nd transaction there, using coupons saved me $32--shopping for my Grandma!

Went to Co-op tonight, couponing, and saved over $70 with coupons, my bill should have been $171, and I paid $101! Lots of grocery items, so was quite happy with the end result--also got all my dinner supplies for my family BBQ on Sunday, so not too bad.

Off to bed...enjoy! Happy clipping!


Christina said...

How did you get the Cottonelle for free when it says the max value is $3.49 on it?

Also P&G has come out with a clarification on the buy 3 Gillette save $5 coupon and the 3 items must equal over $10 in order to use it. Seriously, P&G coupons are getting more and more worthless =o(

Kelly said...

@ Christina, I used the Gilllette coupon the other day and was able to 3 shaving creams for free and have the overage added to my bill. The way I understood the coupon as if you used the coupon towards a Gillette gift pack the pack had to be more then $10.

Christina said...

@Kelly- people have been using the coupon that way but P&G has said that's NOT what it's meant for. Contact them for clarification if you need it.

It's too bad because it was a pretty sweet coupon but now that they have clarified it we need to follow how it was intended to be used.

If people use coupons for ways other than intended stores will get stricter with their rules and we'll all lose out.

Kelly said...

Well hopefully in the future they clarify better on the actual coupon as I don't think many people actually call the company to get clarification.

Personally I don't think anyone used the coupon in a different way then intended on purpose. It was the way the coupon was printed. I know many many people who have used the coupon in the same manner and many stores have accepted it. Hopefully P&G will clarify in the future a bit better.