Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm Back & Ready To Save!

It has been a few months since I have posted anything on here. I'll admit it, I needed a break. What started off as a way to show off my deals and steals turned into a huge thing--something I wasn't ready for at the time. So, I took a much needed break, still did some couponing, and regrouped. I am back on board, back to extreme couponing as much as I can, and gearing up for more couponing classes, as well as the much anticipated "Grocery Savings Class". Alot of you have requested it, I am working on a class plan and schedule, so stay tuned for that!! Will also be doing coupon mail-outs as soon as I get my stash organized--will definitely be more organized with that, as the emails became overwhelming. There will be limits and restrictions on quantities and locations.

Another reason why I took a break from it all, was the frustration of shelf clearing. I mean, really, do you need to clean out a shelf of Aspirin, and then battle with ME at the till, telling me it's for charity? Hmmm.... Nonetheless... I use coupons to save my family money, as well as donating the free or almost free excess product to low-income families and shelters. It is my contribution to our family, as a stay at home mom. It is what allows us to do extra outings, travel, and have a treat every now and then.

Onto the good stuff. A few deals and coupons this week:
---Huge money maker at Wal-Mart this week. By using the printable Tylenol coupon found HERE for each 16- count bottle, you make $1.77. Remember, Wal-Mart has a limit in place of 12 of the same item. Still, 12 bottles with overage means you make $21.24! That's enough to cover a few groceries!
--Wednesday Sept. 21 is a 20X the points event at Shoppers Drug Mart (with a minimum $50 purchase). You can view their current flier HERE! And remember to check their clearance racks--they usually have some wicked deals to match up coupons with!
--Want to add some crunch to your diet? Try out Wasa crackers with this printable coupon. They are great with melted cheese or tuna salad. Or both!
--And for fixing up cuts and scrapes, save on Band-Aid's by clicking here.

So keep in touch, drop me a line, and stay tuned. I'm back and ready to save!

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