Saturday, October 1, 2011

Double Coupon Days Haul

Every so often, an event comes along in a couponer's life that can't be missed. It just so happened that Friday and Saturday were double coupon days at Pharmasave. So off I went, coupons in hand, Friday morning. Made it there a few minutes prior to the Airdrie location opening, and thank goodness I did. It got busy fairly quickly. They didn't have everything I was on the hunt for, and limits were put in place on certain items. Needless to say, managed to save $105 with coupons, and only spent $45. They even doubled a $10 coupon that I had!! Here's the haul and the details:
4x Kids Band-Aids, 2x Loreal Conditioner, 2x Pantene Shampoo, 2x Pantene Conditioner, 6x Gilette Shave Gel, 3x Gillette Shower Gel, 1x Schick Hydro Razor Refills, 3x Cover Girl Mascara, 3x Breathe Right Strips, 1x Oral B Brush, 1x Cold Sore FX (That was the $10 coupon)

So all in all, a good haul. Nothing too crazy! Now if they had carts instead of only baskets, would have been different!

Am working on some upcoming dates for Couponing 101 Seminars/Swaps. Let me know if you are interested! Also, let me know if anyone is interested in a Calgary Coupon Matchup weekly on here! Would love to do it! Until next time, happy clipping!


Anonymous said...

Can you do weekly price matching?! I can only find price matches for out East and it's frustrating!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great deals. I couldn't get out to Airdrie this weekend. Oh well! Maybe another time. :)
On another note, a weekly calgary coupon matchup would be great!

Anonymous said...

Would love weakly match ups too