Thursday, October 6, 2011

Great deal on Dove soap!

Safeway has a great deal on Dove Bar soap this week. Combine their printed coupon from their email direct offers for Buy 2 Get 2 free on 2x90g pack of bars, with a $2WUB2 coupon found on tearpads in stores! Great deal! To see all of their other offers, click here!

Happy clipping!


Anonymous said...

Okay, i printed the coupon off from safeway for the buy 2 get 2 free coupons and I do have some coupons from teapads for $2wuB2 but can you tell me how i combine those to get the best deal? I am mixed up a little. My tearpad says I have to purchase 2 different dove products so obviously, I can't buy just soap right? thank you, Marion

Anonymous said...

Great blog. I didn't know you could use one of the safeway printed coupons and a manufacturer coupon. Have you had any problems doing this?

Melissa said...

Just make sure you get 2 different scents.

It is part of their policy to allow their own coupon plus a manufacturers coupon. Have had no issues, their cashiers are usually very good.