Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Huge Haul--No coupons!!!

I had an amazing day today. I don't shop alot anymore at Superstore, but needed to pick something up for my Grandma there today, so off I went. Thank goodness I did! They had an amazing clearance blow-out sale. I didn't use ANY coupons!!! Here are the 2 pictures, with break downs of each trip! Prices include GST!
Paid $20.75, saved $307.38!!!!!!!!

Shown Above---All items were $0.19 each on clearance!!! This included 5x3-pack duo-tangs, 20x10pk pens, 52x24pk Crayola pencil crayons, 8x24pk pencils, 2x4pk markers, 3x scientific calculator, 3x regular calculator, 4x4pk mechanical pencils, 7x6pk Bic red pens.
Paid $30.74, Saved $200.31!!!!!
They had amazing toys on clearance--each toy cost $2.44. Here's the list: 2x Crayola glow explosion kits, 2x ZuZu Princess Ballroom play sets (Were NOT supposed to be on clearance, but they were in the bin, so I got both for $2.44 each), 2x Zuzu outfits, ZuZu hamster, ZuZu baby set, Monster High doll, Hot Wheels Color Shifters car, Toy Story Crayola Art Kit (not pictured) and Feed The Pig Kids Game (not pictured and it wasn't supposed to be on clearance, but was in the bin!). All in all a good hall. Finished Liam's friends' shopping, and most of the school/office supplies are being donated to a few charities!!

So all in all----Spent $51.49, saved $507.69!!!!

That's all for now! Still doing a happy dance!

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