Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BBQ Season is upon us...in a big way!

Had a great time doing the segment on Breakfast Television on Friday! You can catch it by going here!!! It was a great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

And, I have edited the info and POSTED DATES on my Coupon Classes Page! Contact me to reserve a spot or with any questions that come up! Super excited about seeing all of you!

There are some great deals out there right now. Especially when it comes to FREE BBQ Sauce!! Head over to Wal-mart, and pick up some Sweet Baby Rays sauce for free when you use your coupons from Smartsource. I ended up getting 40 bottles! I'm not keeping them all, some of them have already been given away! Bicks Relish is on for $1.50 at Superstore, so grab your $0.75 off coupons and snag some cheap relish! The corn relish is to die for on hot dogs and ham... yum-o...

There has also been some great new coupons coming out too! Love it! And a great tip: request free samples on a regular basis, they almost always come with coupons!!

I may not be on here much this week, as I am trying to clean, organize and pack for our trip to Montana this weekend! Can't wait! Going to try to snag some super deals down there!

Until next time, happy clipping! And be sure to register soon!


mrs january said...

Love that free BBQ sauce deal. Whoo hoo! :D

Lisa said...

I think I've Sweet Baby Ray'd myself to dealth now! I guess I should learn how to BBQ! Lol! Have fun in Montana and remember not to give them all your recipts at the border or they'll probably go through your whole trunk if they see something like 40 bottles of BBQ sauce. I met a lady using coupons my London Drugs and she asked me if I got my SBR's BBQ sauce too.