Friday, May 6, 2011

Big Changes & Bigger Hauls

So, as most of you know, my hubby lost his job last night. Completely unexpected by everyone, leaving us completely numb and confused. He had been there for 10 years, so we definitely didn't see this coming. Thank you to everyone for your amazing support--it is definitely appreciated! On the flip side though, thank goodness for couponing. Other than it being therapeutic, it is a necessity now! I am so glad that I starting building up a stockpile of necessary items too! A 1 year supply of dish soap, 2+ years of cleaning supplies, 6 months of laundry soap, 1 year of dryer products, 3 months of diapers--he will potty train soon, 3-4 months of toilet paper and paper towels, and other assorted products to cover us. Very thankful. Not to mention, ziploc bags and containers! So, at least with the stockpile, it takes off some of the financial stress that may arise!

And, as most of you know as well, I will be doing a segment on Friday May 13th on Calgary CityTV Breakfast Television. Discussing extreme couponing, what else! Should be awesome--very excited! So be sure to watch, I will try to get a clip of it for all of you to see!

The newspaper has cut me off of my supply of inserts--they cut everyone off that was lucky enough to get them, as TOO many people were calling to ask for them, and the suppliers--Redplum, Smartsource and Brandsaver--were getting testy about it. One of the reps from Brandsaver even called me, and was pretty nasty. So to them I say: Whatever! I already have other sources, never fear! It's hilarious though, as all of the extras, instead of saving people money, will now go into a big shredder. Nice! Good on ya... Am I bitter? Maybe... *giggles*

The moments you guys have been waiting for. Pics and details of my recent hauls--have been going bigger, harder and better. I have to now for sure! Here they are:
All of this cost $5.59. Seriously. Love overages. Should have cost $96.28. A savings of $90.69!!!!!
 London Drugs:
3X Pampers, 3X Wipes, Jumbo Head & Shoulders (PM'd Shoppers), 8X Old Spice Shower Gel--Cost: $9, Saved: $72 in coupons, $21 by price-matching!
Pampers Diapers and Wipes (FREE), 4X Stayfree Pads (FREE), 2X Tide Liquid: $4 for both! Savings: $43 with coupons, another $9 by price matching!
2X Pampers, 4X Wipes and 1X Easy-Ups Cost: $2, Saved: $46 with coupons, $24 by price-matching!!
 So there you have it! It's been a hellish few days, but we can get through it. And hey, I've still got my coupons! Happy clipping everyone!


Jennifer White said...

How were you able to print so many ziploc coupons?? I could only get 2 :/

You're still my hero, by the way ;)

Christina said...

I'm sorry to hear about the job loss- what a shock that must have been. It's true that stockpiling by using coupons is a HUGE blessing for just that very reason. I hope that things work out for you.

Are the ziplock ones from Right at Home? I can't get them to print for me....

Lisa said...

My hero too :)Looks like we're all gonna have to move to the US where it's easy peasy to coupon! It's difficult to make a collection when you don't have the stacks and stacks of inserts like the women on TV do. Going to Sperstore now to get my $1.97 bottle of Purex. :)
Kind bitter too towards the newspapers. First they put the RP inserts days early and now they say no to you Melissa, awful! I have 6 papers coming to my house on Satarday (expecting to have RP inserts) and they will have none :(

MrsJanuary said...

Awesome haul! Looooove the WM coupon overages!!

Jackie said...

You are awesome! LOVE your blog! Can't wait to come to Calgary for my couponing shop. However I have been doing quite well lately couponing in Golden :) Will let you know when I am out your way! Here is a link to my blog if you are interested :)

Melissa said...

Thank you all! Good luck with your ziploc hauls! And you guys are awesome! Not sure if I am a "hero" per-say, but I do love to help others rock it with the coupons!

Jackie, I'll definitely check it out!