Monday, May 2, 2011

Now I'll Actually HAVE To Wash The Dishes!

Just a quick one tonight. They have a great deal on at Giant Tiger this week: Dawn dish soap for $1 per bottle. Granted, they are small bottles. But, if you still have some of your "save $1 WUB2 Dawn products" from Brandsaver, then it's a great deal!! $0.50 per bottle! We bought 16 bottles tonight. Going a little overboard? Maybe. I hate doing dishes, but maybe this will be motivation to get me to do them?!? They also had Saran plastic wrap for $2.99, and there were $1 off coupons on the boxes, so $1.99 each? Awesome! What else... personal size frozen pizzas for $0.50 each, Dr. Oetker mixes for $0.50--I know there are tearpad coupons for those somewhere for $1 off WUB2. If you're lucky enough to have those coupons, go to Giant Tiger and get your mixes for FREE!

Hit Wal-mart today, did 2 separate transactions and doubled my overage on Olay products and Gillette products. Then did London Drugs with the hubby tonight and got Pampers Diapers and Easy-ups for cheap--price-matched Shoppers Drug Mart ($9.99 this week) and stacked coupons. Also bought 4 Lysol toilet bowl cleaners for $1 each... It was a good day!

Got to meet a Calgary couponer today--thank you soooo very much for the Starbucks Lisa! It was just what I needed! Hope you enjoy the coupons!

Is everyone looking forward to the new inserts this weekend? I am! Will keep you all posted on stock as well!

That's all for now. I have a bunch of emails to respond to, and need to fix my facebook link on here! Happy clipping all!


Christina said...

The bleach is on sale there too and with the $1 off websaver coupon it's free! =o)

Melissa said...

Sweet! That's awesome! Giant Tiger has some wicked deals!

Marilyn said...

Hi, I was wondering which Wal-Mart you went to? I went to my local Wal-Mart in Calgary to test out their new coupon policy. I pretty much did the same transaction you did - the Olay & Gilette. The whole experience was an embarrassing nightmare. After what seemed like I was being held at the border they eventually did the transaction. I wish that these store would train their staff on new policy changes.

Heather said...

Great deals! They had those little bottles of Dawn at Zellers as well on a display marked $1, so I grabbed 2 to use my coupon, but when I got to the checkout, they were only $.84 each+ $1 off= 2 for $.68! (although I don't like shopping at Zellers and really hope that ours turns into a Target!)

Once again, jealous of your deals at London Drugs!

Anonymous said...

Lol , I also hate doing the dishes. but I just got a bunch of the Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty in pomegranate at shoppers for a dollar. It smells so good!


Lisa said...

You are very welcome Melissa! Already took advantage of the Dawn at GT but I almost got the wrong bottles(!) The bottles on the shelf were smaller and I wasn't going to get them but then when I was walking away I came across the actual bottles for $1. Got 6. Can't wait till Friday :)

Melissa said...

Marilyn: I usually shop the Northland Mall or Deerfoot Mall ones. Northland can be iffy, I fought with a cashier there until the manager came over and got mad at her for not knowing the policy! Sorry you had a bad experience!

Heather: Good job on the dish soap--now I'm slightly jealous! lol

Chrissie: Mine was just Original scent--yours sounds so good!

Lisa: We almost bought the wrong ones too. Then we saw the stack of boxes near the back. I love Giant Tiger! Can't wait until Friday either!