Saturday, February 11, 2012

Filming With Shaw

So, it has been a hectic week. Wednesday was the second part of filming with Shaw TV, which was an amazing experience. Did a shopping trip at London Drugs while being filmed--never easy--but fun, nonetheless. It is amazing all of the opportunities that have been coming at me lately, slightly overwhelming though. Just as I am wrapping up filming with Shaw, I get contacted by a reporter from Metro newspaper, who wants to do a story on me. So, I have already completed part one of that interview, and the last part will be done at our house tomorrow. Should be printed next week in not only the Calgary paper, but across country hopefully! And Shaw should be airing next week. So it's a big week!

A big thank you to Rochelle and her adorable daughter for all of your help. And thank you to all of the staff at Beddington London Drugs. And thank you to Shaw TV for the opportunity. Here's details on the haul from the Shaw filming at London Drugs:
Paid $59.84, Saved $229.24 (coupons and price matching)
This haul includes: 2x Rubbermaid Med. Size Glass Storage Dishes, 1x Poise Pads, 3 U by Kotex Pads, Liners and Tampons, 4x Airwick Oil Starter Kits, 1x Mega Pack Huggies Diapers, 1x ColdSore FX, 4x Splenda, 3x Assorted Benylin Cold Products, 1x Tylenol Cold Complete, 1x BreatheRight Strips, 11x Clean & Clear Body Wash and 8x Assorted Windex Triggers.  Amazing trip--stocked for awhile, and have some great items for donations!

As for the shopping trip at London Drugs for Metro Newspaper, I went smaller, but still scored some wicked deals!
Paid $19.92, Saved $78.75!!!
This haul included: 1x Vileda Rubber Gloves, 6x Clean & Clear Body Wash, 1x Arm & Hammer Toothpaste, 1x Breathright Strips, 2x Splenda, 3x Pediasure Packs, 12x Hunts Tomato Paste.

I will keep everyone posted on print and television release dates! Happy clipping y'all!

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