Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Am Now A Centre-Fold....And I Went Shopping To Celebrate!

So, my article was published in Metro Calgary newspaper today! Super exciting and it looked amazing! If you missed the paper version, you can check it out by clicking here! This will also be a regular fixed post on the Media/Public Relations Tab. A huge thank you goes out to Jeremy Nolais, reporter for Metro Calgary, for an amazing experience!! And a big thank you to my hubby for picking up 23 copies for me this morning, and to my parents for taking a copy to my Grams, who is in hospital right now.

Found out today that Global TV wants to do a story on me as well, and they are coming to our house tomorrow, then following me to the Calgary Drop In Centre to do a massive donation. Should be fun--will keep y'all posted!

Did a bit of shopping, with minimal coupons used at Safeway today--I love their clearance racks!
Paid $10.88, saved about $38-$40, factoring in clearance vs. reg. prices and $1.00 in coupons!
 Until next time, y'all happy clipping!

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Anonymous said...

Very cool!! I read this article while on the train and it's lead me to your blog. Thanks for sharing all the great tips! They can really help a lot of people. Keep on couponing!