Saturday, February 4, 2012

Walmart Trip

So after my major health problems this week, including 2 emergency room visits which warranted 2 minor surgeries, a severe drug reaction, portable iv, and pain...., I decided to go to Walmart for a much deserved couponing trip! Took it slow, the store was hellishly busy, but found what I went for. And, I had an amazing cashier--that always makes such a huge difference--and she did awesome!

Walmart had some great sales this week, with or without coupons! Took advantage of a few of them, as you can see in the picture below!
Total Cost: $13.91 (incl. tax), Saved $57.76 (including sales and coupons)
-20x Catelli Pasta----Reg. $2.19ea, Sale $1.00 each, Used 20x$0.75 tearpad coupons FINAL:$0.25ea
-14x Fancy Feast Treat Dishes----Reg. $1.77ea, Sale $1.13ea, Used 7x$1WUB2 cpn.FINAL:$0.63ea
-2x Charmin Toilet Seat Covers----$1.00 ea, Used Save $3WUB2 coupon FINAL:Free plus $1.00+

All in all, a good trip. Can never go wrong with pasta, and the kitties will be happy with their treats!

Happy clipping all!

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