Saturday, April 30, 2011

Getting Juiced & Keeping Hairy Legs At Bay

I want to thank everyone for their fantastic support with my blog, facebook page and emails! I didn't realize my blog would become this popular! Thank you!! Slightly overwhelming, but it's keeping me out of trouble! Not keeping me from shopping though!

A big thank you for the email from Lina over at Grocery Alerts--will definitely look into the coupon trader application--will be easier for everyone! Have been working my butt off getting all the envelopes done--should be all out by Monday!

Had an interesting thought provoking type conversation with my favorite lady at Shoppers Drug Mart. She made an awesome point about extreme couponing and hoarding. Extreme couponing is fine, as long as it does not exceed or cross over into hoarding. But, keeping a good and healthy supply of necessities, like toilet paper (not for 40 years), paper towels, cleaning products, and non perishables is fine. Smart really. What would happen if there was a job loss, especially in a single income family!?! At least you would have your basics covered, and then you just have to worry about the fresh stuff! Something for every one to consider!

Here are my deals for today. Hit Wal-Mart and London Drugs today, got some great deals! Here goes!
5X Crest=$0.65 Saved $3.75, 2X Venus Razors=$4 Saved $4, 12X Gillette Foam=Free!! +Credit of $4.76 Saved $15.24!, Special K Bars=$1.50 Saved $0.50, 6X Oasis Juice=$11.88 Saved=$6.00 SEE BELOW FOR COUPON LINK AND BONUS!

Wal-Mart has these juices on sale right now for $2.98. The printable coupon can be found here for $1 off, which brings it down to $1.98 each. The sweetest part of getting the juice: Under the label on each bottle is another coupon for a FREE 1L of Oasis juice! Bonus!

London Drugs:
2X Pampers & 2XWipes--Pricematched Shoppers--Paid $7.97 Saved $38!, 2X Herbal Essences--Paid $0.98, Saved $6, 2X Lysol--Paid $2.00 Saved $5.38, 2X Aveeno Lotion-Paid $1 Saved $9.00!!
Hope that helps! Price matching and coupon stacking is key at London Drugs! More adventures to come tomorrow! Going to Wal-mart with the hubby so I can double coupon and get double overages back! Wish us luck! Will keep you all posted! Happy clipping!


Jackie said...

Nice Work!! Can't wait for my shopping trip to Calgary at the end of the month.

Grocery Alerts Canada said...


Thanks for the mention!

Let us know what you think of the coupon trader.

Melissa said...

Thanks Jackie! Always love to shop for deals!

Grocery Alerts Canada: No problem! I will definitely! Just need to get caught up on my emails and will be right at it!

Anonymous said...

I had almost an identical walmart haul on sunday.

I got two pks of Majesta, 8 venus razors,only got two oasis, six Gillette foam, and only 4 crest.

We wanted more crest but someone already cleared the store :(


CouponLikerB2B said...

Thanks for the link to the grocery deals! What coupons did you use for the Gillette and Venus? Looks like you're stocked up for awhile! We agree with you on couponing, and think that it can benefit both customers and businesses equally when done right!