Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 1 Of The Shopping Marathon...

It seems that my blog/facebook page has increased in popularity--thank you to everyone! And a huge shout out to Cassie at Mrs. January for such a sweet mention in her blog! Glad your box arrived safe and sound! It also means that I can shop/coupon more! Well, that's what I told my hubby as an excuse anyways! It was a long day, but I was prepared for it. Had my lists, coupons and price match flyer ready, dropped the kiddo off at preschool--we barely made it, he has taken a liking to sleeping until 10am--then was off to Superstore. Here are some pictures and details of my finds! Coupon savings were $38.33!! And spent enough to get the 3 free green bins!!
4X Herbal Essences Conditioner--$2.39ea. minus 4X $0.50 off coupons=$1.89 each Saved $2! (brandsaver insert)
8X Dove Body Wash--$3.99 each minus 4X $2 Coupon Zone coupons & 4X $2 Tearpads=$1.99 each Saved $8!
Meat...Steaks, Stew Beef, and Pork Stir Fry strips... Saved $14.99--after cost: $35.04!
12X Ocean Spray Juice--$2.48 each on sale minus 12X $1 off printable coupons=$1.48 each! Saved $12!
So all in all it was a great haul! Saved a good amount of money, stocked my freezer and my juice stash... Then there was London Drugs.... Used double Tide coupons, and got 4 bottles of 64 Load Tide for $24. And alot more... the pics below will explain... My coupon savings were $99.00, and my pricematching to Safeway, saved me $15!
4X Bounce Dryer Bars--$3.99ea. after 2X $0.50 cpns on each, 2X Dryer Sheets--$3.99 each after 2X $0.50 cpns on each, 2X Cover Girl Lip Gloss--$6.98 after sale price & cpns (saved $5) & 2X Cover Girl Eye Shadow--$8.58 for both after cpns (Saved$5)
2X Venus Embrace Razors--$13.98 after $10 in cpns, 2X Nice 'n Easy dyes--$3.98 for both after $10 in cpns, 2X Natural Instincts Dyes--$0.98!!!!! for both after $13 in cpns, 2X Head & Shoulders Conditioner--$1.98 for both after $6 in cpns, Venus Razor--$4.99 after $6 in cpns: Sadly, it will be a one time use, as the refills are $15.99!! CRAZY!
Pampers Diapers--Reg $38.99, pricematched to $26.99 (Safeway), Wipes--$4.99... Used $14 in cpns, got both for $17.98!!
Then a quick stop for yogurt at Co-op, supposed to be on sale... got yogurt and this:
2X Fruit Trays--Reg $19.98 less 50% coupons on package--$9.99!! Yum!
Very successful day! Gonna smell great, not show my roots, kiddo will have a butt cover, no static cling, and get my vitamin c quotient, not to mention be prepped for bbq season for a bit!!!

Hope all of this helps! I love all the feedback you guys send me! Keep it coming! Until next time, happy clipping!!!


Christina.B said...

Those are some great deals! I wish that we had a London Drugs here in Ontario :(

Anonymous said...

ya for you! :) Your my hero these days! Lol Good job! :)

Anonymous said...

I thought the LD coupon policy stated they don't price match to stores that require club cards, ie. Safeway and Save On?

Frugal Edmonton Mama said...

Great deals!! I love the BBQ meat deals for BBQ season. Be careful with the bounce dryer bars, they ruin the sensor in the dryer!! Great blog (:

Candace said...

Wow Melissa....Great job. Not sure how you find all the coupons for all the stuff. I have been really looking for great deals. I was on FB and saw you had a BLOG....I love reading blog. Thanks for putting up the link for the other coupon:). Thanks Candace

Melissa said...

Depends on the London Drugs you go to! They are mostly against Costco deals...
@Frugal Edmonton Mama: I know, I can't wait for BBQ! Tomorrow is steak with roasted baby taters! Will keep an eye on the Bounce bars! Good to know!
Hey Candace:Glad you like it! :)