Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shopping Updates

Hey everyone! This site is still under construction, but I will continue to blog while I continue to tweak my page!

I definitely have to say March was an amazing couponing month! I went big, and ended up with alot of free product--well, I had to pay the sales tax... Ended up saving almost $350 by using coupons in March, including $100 worth of absolutely free ziploc bags! It was a great month, and I want this month to be even better!
My ziploc stash...

One of our local newspapers provided me with a large box of coupon inserts, and will continue to do so each time there are inserts in the newspaper. I just didn't expect there to be quite so many inserts. We're talking 300-400 inserts. So, I've got multiple pairs of scissors ready for cutting them all, and my binder ready to be filled.
The piles of coupon flyers!

Have been having some great luck lately shopping with coupons. After learning that London Drugs will allow you to stack coupons for products. Of course, there are rules, which are super simple. You can view their policy here. I actually rediscovered my love of London Drugs recently, and here are some sample shopping trips that I did:
9 Toothpaste, 9 Deodorant & 3 Tuna--$13.50 (Savings=$41.10)
9 Toothpaste & 3 Deodorant--$3.48 (Savings=$25.00)
These were both done with coupons and price matching. London Drugs will only price match the first item, so keep that in mind. I will definitely be doing alot more shopping there in the future. One thing I have noticed though--go through customer service--a little easier, and doesn't rattle the cashiers too much! Plus, if you are price matching, you will need a manager override anyways!

And I'm sure you are all watching Extreme Couponing on TLC. I know I have been. Religiously. Envious? Yes. Wishing I was living in the states? Yes and no... I'd need a storage locker! I figure with what I am doing in Canada, I could do a heck of alot of damage down there. Check out the show though. It's addictive. Really. I'm watching right now...

So, there you have it. A few shopping updates. My thrills. My passion/obsession. My life--okay, part of it. Until next time, happy clipping! I'll get back to working on the look of the blog!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am very happy 2 find your site. I think u r doing so amazing!!! I have only been couponing 4 about a month & a half & I am enjoying it so very much!!! I have 5 - buy 2 get 2 free Ziploc bag coupons & I am hoping u can help me follow in your foot steps 2 get the best deal possible... Thanks so much & a double wow 4 all your great savings pics!!!

Anonymous said...

My name is Julie Ann, I just left u the comment about ziploc bags. I dont know how 2 google so i follow u by email. TY

Melissa said...

Hey Julie Ann:

Not sure if you use facebook, but can find me on there too!

With ziploc, keep an eye on your sales fliers. Generally Wal-mart is the cheapest on them, and go for the smallest boxes possible. Also there is a printable Buy 2, Save $2 on the ziploc website. You can take those coupons, plus the one you have and stack them at London Drugs!

Hopefully will see you on facebook!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a huge fan of Mrs January and I saw a link to your site. I am new to couponing but have fallen for it hook, line and sinker!! I am learning new things everyday and am so excited to learn that they are building a London Drugs in my town! Woohoo!!! I do have a question about getting extra coupons from the paper. I phoned our local paper and asked what they did with the extra coupons and they told me they only order enough. Would you have any advice on what I can do to get more coupons?? I order them from online and wait patiently for them but would love more inserts. I already have everyone I know saving them for me but more is always better!! Teehee

Thank you for all you are teaching us....Happy couponing!!!


Temp said...

Hi Melissa,

I found ur site thro' mrsjanuary. I am into couponing for the past 1 year. i do get online manufacturer coupons but would like to have coupon inserts in newspapers. Can u please advice me on how to get multiple copies of the inserts? Thanks!!

Bobbi R said...

Hi Melissa,
How did you get our local newspaper to send you inserts? I can barely get them to send me the neighbours paper lol I am In canyon meadows in Calgary and having a hell of a time even getting my flyers to be delivered