Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You Can Never Have Enough Shower Gel....Or How We Won't Stink For a Few Years

Hit up London Drugs last night, and again today. Sounds a little crazy right? In my own sanity defense--I went last night with my little guy, he loves the fans. And today, he was being a grouch, so off we went! So funny! London Drugs is calming for both of us. Long story short, ended up getting a ton of toothpaste, Old Spice shower gel, Olay shower gel, Aveeno Shower Gel...for next to nothing--thank you for coupon stacking! Oh yeah, and a bunch of Gilette deodorant and shower gel, which the hubby uses!

Superstore was great today. Really enjoying their coupon policy, where you can use both a coupon zone coupon and a manufacturer coupon. You can find more information on their coupon policy by clicking here. And make use of it like I did! 30 more packs of ziploc containers for $0.25 per pack--they retail for $3-5 usually!

My parents witnessed my couponing tonight at Wal-Mart. I made use of their new policy, where they will pay the overage on coupons, if they exceed the amount of the item. Picked up 12 trial size shave gels and 8 trial size hand creams--all free, PLUS had $12.20 credited on to my bill, which paid for my magazine, binder, and 3 dresses--clearance priced to $1 each... seriously! I rocked it tonight! My dad thought it was hilarious, which was the best part! See the pic below of my free haul:
All free!!! Plus $12.20 credited on to my bill!!!
It's been a fairly successful few days of couponing! Have saved $710.56 so far this month, and at least half has been FREE!!! Until next time, keep on clipping!


Manders said...

Nice job on the coupons and the fact you got PAID to shop at Walmart.

Melissa said...

Thanks Manda! Will definitely be shooting some free product your way!