Sunday, April 24, 2011

Debating Buying 20 Frozen Pizzas and Saving Over $800 this month!!

When it comes to so-called extreme couponing, there is always the question of "how much is too much"? In my case, it all depends on what the item is. Some couponers shop for the sheer rush of getting it for free, even though they don't need the item--like the lady on TLC's Extreme Couponing who had a huge stockpile of dog and cat treats, and doesn't own either pet!!! Okay, granted, she can donate them. And she did it because they paid overages on each product. But still, there comes a time when you have to know your limits, and not push the whole hoarding line.... On that note, I have been researching organizations to donate alot of the stockpile I have amassed in the past month. I really don't need those 30 bottles of Olay shower gel--that was after giving some away, or 50 tubes of toothpaste--again, my parents and neighbor benefited from those hauls greatly. And why not try to do some good! I mean, I paid the tax on those items, and that's it!

On the other hand, some of my stock pile will remain intact. Ziploc bags and containers, they won't be budging, and we use alot of them. Especially the containers, which I love doing freezer meals in (should I do a section on that? Maybe!). Cleaning products will stay, as they have a long shelf life. And the hubby's deodorant and shower gels will stay, as it saves money and trips to the store in the long run.

The question remains though, how much is too much? They have Dr. Oetker Panabello pizza's on this week for $3.47 at Walmart. I have a bunch of $1 off coupons and access to a fairly empty freezer.... Still on the fence on it. I mean, we are on a diet. But, sometimes, when I don't feel like cooking, they are handy. And cheap. And most of the best before dates are until February 2012. Am looking at getting 20 of them. But if anyone would like a few, I can pick them up for you!

This week will definitely be an adventure in couponing for sure. Have already saved over $800 this month in coupons, with about half of that being mostly free product. We're trying to go cheap/frugal/bare bones for the next while, as we are going to Montana in May, oil change/winter tire removal in May, and summer clothes shopping--some of which will be done in Montana. So, there are a few expenses that I want to prepare for, so I will coupon my heart out to save every penny! That also opens up a whole new thing--making decisions on where your savings go from couponing?! Do you put a portion of it away for a rainy day? Save for a trip? My goal once I get on a regular coupon shopping routine, is to "hopefully" take at least half of what I save with coupons, and put it aside!

Until next time, happy clipping! Keep your eyes out for great deals! And will be doing coupon mail outs on Tuesday, so please get your mailing information to me via email or on facebook!

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Anonymous said...

It's funny that mention donating as I was just thinking I'd like to do that. My kids school donates breakfast & snack foods every year to an inner city school for kids who don't get food at home. I would love to be able to donate a pallet of cereal like that man on extreme coupling but I doubt I can get that extreme!